Sunday, October 31, 2010

And the journey begins....

In reading some other blogs of women TTC, I've been inspired to blog about my own journey. Although I've been at this for a short time compared to some others, I've had so many frustrations already. None of our family and a very select few friends even know that we are on this journey. Hopefully, this will give me an outlet to vent, and one day let our child know the lengths we went to in order to bring them in to this world.

First, a little background on us. I'm 34 (soon to be 35) and I work as Program Coordinator at a preschool for children with special needs. I have a Master's of Education in Special Ed. My dear, sweet hubby has just turned 35 and works at a local bank. We dated for 3 1/2 years before getting married this past February. We've waited a little longer in life to begin having children. It was the best thing for us, but it does make us feel that we are pushed for time. Having worked in special education for 11 years, I know all too well the statistics of having children with birth defects after age 35.

I quit taking birth control in May, so this makes cycle 5 (almost 6) of trying for us. I chart my BBT on a daily basis and use OPKs to determine my fertile days. My cycle seems to be a normal length, my temperatures seems to be within the normal range, and I get positive OPKs when expected for the most part.

I had my annual wellness visit last Monday and discussed with my doc concerns I had about us not being pregnant yet. I've always heard that after age 35, 6 months of trying with no results is considered infertile. I am in the 2ww of month 5 and will be 35 in 4 months. I love my doctor, and she listened to all my concerns. She wanted to run some tests to see what's up with me. She took some blood (and I didn't faint!) and the results of that were that my FSH is 11, LH is 45. The nurse says that from those numbers, doc thinks I'm not ovulating on a regular basis. I don't know how that is since I get + OPKs and a definitely temperature shift every month, but I'm sure she knows more than me! She wants to start me on Clomid, but first she wants to test dear hubby to makes sure everything is ok with him. There are concerns about his sperm count due to the fact that he is adult onset type 1 diabetic. Sperm analysis was done on Thursday and right now we are just waiting on the results from that to see where we move forward from here. We should have results tomorrow.

So....that kinda catches us up to the present. I would love to have comments from anyone who reads about our journey and would love for you to share your blogs with me!


  1. Congrats on your first post. I sent you a link to my blog.

    Monica(VSBlonde on FF)

  2. Thanks Monica! I'm actually looking forward to having another "outlet." I'm sure that DH will appreciate it too as he is one of my only outlets. :-) Thanks for the encouragement, and I am now following your blog.