Monday, November 1, 2010

Waiting sucks

Ugh. We were supposed to get the results of DH's semen analysis today. I waited patiently through the whole weekend, focusing on the fact that I could call and get the results today. I made myself wait until 10:30 to call. The way the clinic works, you have to call and leave a voicemail for the nurse and she calls you back. She ALWAYS calls me back. She didn't today. :-( If you call after 3pm, you call doesn't get returned until the next day. So I called again at 2:30. Left another voicemail. I don't wanna be a psycho, but MAN I wanna know what's going on! AND on top of that, doc isn't in the office tomorrow, so I doubt I get a call tomorrow either. Wednesday is too far away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm glad that we decided to go ahead with the SA last week. The lab only does them on Thursdays. I wanted the results pretty quick so if everything is ok with the hubby, she could prescribe the Clomid for me. I know that it's supposed to be taken on certain days early in your cycle, and I'm supposed to start my period Nov. 8. If we had waited until next week for the SA, we might not would have had the results by the time that I needed to start the meds. I don't want to waste any more time.

Maybe this is all for nothing and I'm going to get my BFP (big fat positive) this cycle without the help of meds. I am 6 DPO (days past ovulation) today so I guess it's just a waiting game all around. I hate waiting.

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