Sunday, March 13, 2011

I still don't like Clomid

So finally yesterday (CD 17) I get my postitive opk.  Ovulation seems to get later every cycle.  I was really hoping for a temp jump today but no such luck.  And then this afternoon about 4, the pain started.  It's a constant ache with sharp stabs of pain every now and then.  Like every time I try to stand up.  Or change position.  Or breathe.  This is like the worse AF cramps I've ever had.  Times 10.  I did manage to cook supper, but could hardly sit at the table to eat.  My sweet hubby cleaned up the kichen for me so I could go back to the couch.  If I wake up and I still hurt like this, I'm not going to work.  I can't.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a new (and better) day!

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