Wednesday, April 13, 2011

This is the longest cycle ever!

I am ready to 1) be pregant or 2)know I'm not pregnant and move on the the RE's plan.  Obviously choice #1 is my favorite of those two, but knowing how my luck works it isn't the most likely.  I *think* that I might have ovulated.  I had pos opks for the past 2 days and felt some minor ovulation pain night before last.  I really thought that my temp would jump up this morning, but no such luck.  Hoping to see that jump tomorrow. 

I went to the pharmacy yesterday and picked up my Prometrium prescription.  Did I mention that they are suppositories?  That ought to be interesting.  I'm to take them at night.  Supposedly it's less messy.  Hopefully they won't make me sick and they will get my progesterone numbers where they should be since I'm not doing Clomid this cycle.

After 14 days of Prometrium, I test.  If positive we all sing and dance and say Hallelujah.  If not, we fuss and stomp and cry and call the RE to set up CD3 testing for both me and Matthew.  I sure would enjoy a good song and dance.  :-)


  1. Seems to be one of those cycles for me too. CD21 so long, it is crazy. I am hoping to O anyday now. I too was expecting a temp jump and nothing this am.

    Sending lots of Sticky Bean Dust you way hun xxoo

  2. Thinking of you! Hoping this is the cycle, or that the RE can help with next steps.

    I did prometrium suppositories, too - I think the thought of them are worse than they really are. But be ready to run to the bathroom in the morning - they melt :(

    Can't wait to hear your next steps!