Monday, April 4, 2011

Tomorrow is the day!

I'm so excited about my appointment tomorrow.  I've got the new patient packet (all 11 pages-front and back) filled out in a folder with all my insurance info, all my charts, and a list of questions I want to ask.  When they called to confirm my appt, the lady said she had checked my insurance benefits and wanted to let me know that I would be responsible for the 20% that insurance didn't pay.  WOO HOO!  I was so afraid I would be responsible for 100% that insurance didn't  pay.  Yay for insurance!  That took a huge load off of my shoulders. 

One of the questions in the new patient packet is:  What do you expect to gain from this visit?  Hmm.  A baby????  Yes, in the end, but probably not in this visit.  So how about, uhm, I don't know, A PLAN!  Yes, a plan would be great!  Preferably a plan that does NOT include Clomid.  I'm mad at dear Clo Clo and need a break from her. 

I probably won't be able to sleep tonight due to excitement and nervousness.  Prayers for me please. 


  1. Hey, Allison! Just wanted to wish you luck! I just went to mine and I feel so refreshed now that we have a clear plan. It's also nice to be monitored so closely. I wish you and your hubby the best!
    ~Amy (FF-AMYBN) ;o)

  2. I hope that it goes well today! Update us with the PLAN!