Wednesday, June 15, 2011

11 weeks

Best Moment of the Week: Definitely this would be hearing the baby's heartbeat on the Doppler that I ordered off eBay. It took me forever to find the HB because I really didn't know where to look or what I was listening for, but when I found it, I knew exactly what it was! What a cool sound!!!

Entertaining Comment/Question of the Week:These all come from sweet DH. The other night we came in from dinner and he said, "Do you think we're ready for a baby?" Uhm....too late to worry about that now!!

Obsession: Still digging the popsicles. Cool and refreshing in this nasty heat!

What I Am Most Looking Forward to This Week:This is actually not even baby related, but I am most looking forward to being out of school for our 2 week summer break. Friday is my last day of work for awhile and it cannot get here soon enough!!

What I Miss the Most: Still sleep. Will I ever sleep again???? Between dogs wanting to go out, not being able to get comfortable, and having to pee all the time sleep is just not happening for me.

Symptoms: I seem to be one of the fortunate ones who doesn't have a lot of symptoms. I have had a few nauseous moments (mostly from eating too much) but cannot say that I have experience morning sickness at all. I am most definitely still tired, but there have been many days lately that I haven't needed a nap to get through the day. Yay for being so close to 2nd trimester!!!

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