Thursday, June 23, 2011

12 weeks and 2nd OB appointment

Yay for finishing the first trimester and moving right in to the second with flying colors! We had our 2nd OB appointment today and it went really well. It was really short...we sat in the waiting room longer than we were actually with the doctor. We heard the heartbeat which was awesome because it was much louder with their machine than it is on mine. I showed her where I had been finding it and she found it right away. It was in the 150s. I have gained ZERO pounds!!!!!!!! She was so proud of me. (Remember she told me it wouldn't hurt me to lose a few pounds.) My bp was great and my sugar was great! I love my doc. She ended the visit by giving me a hug and saying, "I'm so excited that you're feeling good and that everything is going so well for you!"

Best Moment of the Week:Definitely hearing the HB on the doctor's Doppler.

Entertaining Comment/Question of the Week: Can't really think of one. DH has made any funny comments lately. He's been working too much. :-(

Obsession: Still popsicles. And SweeTarts. Mmmmmm!

What I Am Most Looking Forward to This Week: Vacation! We are heading out to Branson, MO on Saturday. A whole week away from work and every day bothersome things.

What I Miss the Most: Sleep is still at the top of this list. However, i have greatly enjoyed being off work this week so that I can take as many naps as I want to!

Symptoms: Still feeling really good! I do seem to get full really fast when I eat and hungry more often, which has led to eat less more frequently. Maybe that has helped with the no weight gain!


  1. So glad to see everything moving on well for you! ((hugs))

  2. Yay for making it to 12 weeks!! That is so exciting! You are looking great... the 2nd trimester seems to be much better for women who were tired/sick through the 1st tri.

    Are you going to find out girl/boy? :)

  3. Looking beautiful, and cheers for making it to 2nd trimester, and onward to third! ((hugs))