Monday, November 8, 2010

Could it be?

Ok, here's the story....

This morning I had a nice little temp rise; completely unexpected since AF is due tomorrow. On a whim, I POAS before getting in the shower. I watched it for a minute and the control line popped right up. But nothing else. So out of frustration I chunked the thing in the trash.

Fast foward to: Came home after work and the gym. Had to pee before getting in the shower and while sitting on the toilet, pulled the test out of the trash just for curiousity's sake. I swear there is a faint line there. I have no idea if it came up within the time limit or not. I can't stop staring at it. Is my mind playing tricks on me? Could it be?

Made a trip to Walmart because all I have left are digis and I'm not brave enough for that yet. All Walmart had were Answer and blue dye (which I don't trust at all), so I came home with a 3 pack of Answer. Still one left from the other package from this morning, so that makes 4 Answer and 3 digis. I will be testing again tomorrow morning.


  1. Three words... Dollar Store Tests! They work just as well and I don't feel guilty using them on "non treatment" cycles. :)

  2. I agree with Jenn, I have to do preg tests for people everyday. (you know this) and I don't think what we do is any different than the tests at DG. Its just embarrassing to have to ask for them to get them for you, since they are behind the counter.
    I will find out what the brand we buy is called, maybe you could buy a box at a time like we do... although I know for your sake we don't want you to have to take that many. :)
    Pretty much though if they test for the hCG hormone they are legit, there is no need to spend so much. If the test has been left for more than 4 minutes the reading is invalid. One line is negative two lines is positive any variation of two lines is positive. (that is my speech at work. ;) )

    Now what does AF stand for, and POAS?

  3. Sending pregnant thoughts your way! Keep us updated :)