Saturday, November 20, 2010


Well, I should have known it was too good to be true. Woke up this morning to go walk my 6 miles and was dismayed to find pink on the TP when I wiped. Decided not to walk and went back to bed. By lunchtime, it was red when I wiped. This afternoon I spent in the bed napping and reading. When I got up mid afternoon, (TMI ALERT) spots in the panties and dime sized blots in the toilet after peeing. Had some mild cramping, but not really pain, just an uncomfortable feeling.

I've read a lot about how some bleeding is normal during the first trimester. The website I saw said you should only be concerned if you have pain that doubles you over and so much bleeding that you fill a pad within an hour. I am nowhere near there, but if this is "normal" then "normal" is scary!

I called the doctor's office, but all I got was a recording (which is what I expected) saying that if you need immediate assistance you can press 5 to be connected to the hospital. That won't really help me...if I go to the hospital I will go to the one here in Magnolia.

Considered going to the ER, but crossed that off the list for now. It's Saturday night and I'm sure they're packed. Besides, what will they do? Tell me I'm miscarrying? Uhm, pretty sure I could figure that out for FREE myself. Even if they do an ultrasound I'm so early that they probably couldn't see a heartbeat yet anyway even if there were no problems.

So, I'm just sitting on the couch. Taking a break from laying in the bed. I guess this will be my plan for tomorrow too. Either things will get way worse and I'll break down and go to the ER, tomorrow will be an awesome day with no bleeding, or first thing Monday morning I'll call the doc and see what she says.

Prayers please.


  1. Praying for you and the bean, for sure. Bleeding can definitely be normal. Maybe take it easy on the walking - at least until you hear from your Dr?

    Hang in there and keep us updated.

  2. Oh, Allison... I am thinking of you, sweetie. I agree with Randi - I would rest until you can get into see your Dr. Keep your blog posted - we're here for you!

    You're in my prayers!