Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Still waiting

So today I made myself waiting until 10:45 to call the main desk at the clinic. Doc doesn't work on Tuesday, so I wasn't sure if her nurses would be there. The nice lady at the front desk said that M would be there until noon, so she transferred me back. Voicemail again. I left another one. M probably thinks I'm crazy. So I knew if I didn't get a call by 12, I'd be waiting til tomorrow.

I fixed my lunch and sat down to eat, and in comes a grandparent bringing more Pull-ups for her grandson. She explains to me that she only brought a few because he's been going to the potty. And in the middle of her telling me this, my cell phone begins to ring. ARE YOU KIDDING??????? I've been waiting DAYS for this call and now I can't answer it because there's a grandparent in my office!!!!!! All I could do was silence my phone and nod my head as she then begins to tell me that the jacket he wore to school Friday didn't come home with him and can I please look for his burgandy razorback jacket. OMG! Who cares about your dang jacket. I just missed a call from the doctor's office. UGH.

At least M left me a nice voicemail telling me that she did have the results from the SA, but Dr. W hasn't looked at them yet. She'll look over them tomorrow and M will call me then. Why didn't she say that she had the results and everything is fine and Dr. W will decide what to do now tomorrow??? What if everything is not fine and M didn't want to tell me. So now we'll wait until tomorrow.

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  1. OMG, I hate that!!! I wrote a post a while back while I was irate because the nurse called but wouldn't give us some results. I was ready to shoot fire out of my ears! and I even scolded the doctor when he called us the next day! Drs should know exactly how crazy us patients are be extra sensitive to this kind of thing.

    Glad to hear that your SA is normal! So much unnecessary stress waiting for those results.