Wednesday, November 10, 2010


So I tested again yesterday morning when I first woke up. Very, very faint lines. I mean you have to really look to kinda see anything. Was gonna stop at the Dollar Store on the way to work, but they don't open until 9. I was extremely frustrated. As soon as I got done at the gym after work, I went straight to Dollar Tree, asked the lady at the counter (who keeps pregnancy tests under the counter? what's the purpose?) for 2 tests. Go straight home and pee on one. Well, pee in a cup really since you have to use the little dropper. First time I'd used one of those. Shadow of a line, but still not convincing.

This morning I used a FRER (Halee: First Response Early Response) because everybody talks about how these are the most sensitive. Stark white. Was at the hospital all day with my Mom. She had surgery this morning. When I came home, I pulled out the other Dollar Tree test. Faint hint of a line. I wanted to save my last FRER for tomorrow morning hoping that it will have a dark unquestionable line. So I pulled out the big guns. Clear Blue Easy Digital. I had them tucked away since they are supposed to pick up only large amounts of hcg. So I pee on the digi.

PhotobucketGuess this is no longer a TTC blog. :-)


  1. that looks like a dang good picture! :)

  2. whoot whoot!!!! Call your dr girlfriend!!!!
    and buy you some prenatals! And same as with pregnancy tests the cheap ones are just as good as the expensive ones. Don't worry about baby, they get everything they need, mom just gets left overs. lol
    And the preg tests are kept behind the counter because they are a high theft item.
    And thank you very much for the abbreviation explanation!!!! Very appreciated!

  3. Can you even see the pic? It looks like it got cut off.

    Thanks Halee! I've been taking prenatals since May. Can't wait to call the doc tomorrow and tell her the Clomid wasn't needed after all!!!!!!

  4. yes, if you click on the pic it blows up big! I'm so glad you wont have to go through all that!

  5. yay! congratuations :)

  6. Wow - congrats on your BFP!!! So exciting!