Thursday, November 11, 2010

too good to be true?

Called the doc today to report my +digi. She scheduled my first appointment for Dec. 15th. Man, that seems like a really loooong way away. The nurse says they don't see OB patients until 9 or 10 weeks. I explained to her my concerns about the lack of lines on my first tests, and she told me I could have a blood test if it would make me feel better. I thought it would make me feel better.

She faxed the orders so that I could have it done here in town instead of having to drive 30 miles to her office, so I ran down to the lab and got the blood sucked out of me. The nice lady at the lab said that she'd have results within an hour and would fax them to the doctor. I explained that sometimes they don't call me back right away, doc doesn't have office hours on Friday, and there was no way I could wait until Monday to find out the results. She told me to come back this afternoon and she'd give me a copy of the lab reports. (She's my new best friend)

Waited all day to hear from the doc, but no such luck. When I got off work, went back to the hospital to get my results. I've read a little online and on the message boards at FF what normal hCG levels are so I'd kinda have an idea what to expect. The in medical records gave me a paper with my number on it. I don't like the number. 19. 19? That's soooo low.

So I thought maybe my information might not be correct, and since I didn't have a way of getting in touch with the doc, I went back upstairs to the lab and found my new best friend. I showed her my paper and said, "So does this mean I'm pregnant?" She said anything over 15 is pregnant. But I'm just barely over 15. So am I just barely pregnant?

A couple of hours later, the nurse finally called and said she doesn't like my 19 either. Stupid 19. She wants me to have another beta on Saturday to see if it's increasing like it should. Ugh. There's another $200. Not that I'm complaining, because as far as I'm concerned, if we get our sweet baby, it's money well spent. The nurse told me not to worry that the numbers have to start somewhere, but she wasn't really convincing and honestly, she sounded just as worried as me.

So guess what. MORE WAITING! Have I mentioned how much I HATE waiting?

And the doc won't be back in the office until Monday to talk to me again. Hopefull my new best friend is working in the lab this weekend.


  1. It could just be a slow growth, and many times a pregnancy can bounce back from a slow start. Keep fingers crossed that this baby keeps growing big and strong. Praying for you.

  2. Get back to the Dr. as soon as you can to get another beta, would be my advice... regardless of the cost. Your beta does need to start somewhere, so I'm thining of you and hoping that your numbers rise!

  3. Thanks girls. Prayers are much appreciated. I will be a nervous wreck until I see the results of the 2nd beta. And to put the icing on the cake, I'm helping with a baby shower Saturday afternoon. Happy weekend to me.

  4. It will be your own soon enough. I will be praying for doubled numbers.