Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ugg. I just wrote a nice little post and it got erased.

So starting over...Got my Clomid today and it was only $10. Yay for my prescription plan! I guess in my mind I've already written this cycle off and am looking forward to moving forward with my Clomid cycle. But I am only 9 DPO, so maybe there is still a chance this time around. :-)

On a side note, yay, I have followers!! LoL That makes me extremely happy. Thanks girls, for taking the time to read about my experiences. I have enjoyed reading yours too! Not that I want you to have these frustrating experiences, but because it's nice to know that there are people out there who know where you're coming from and offer words of encouragement!

Anything that I need to know about Clomid? side effects? I'll keep you all posted.


  1. My Clomid was inexpensive, too - thank goodness for good medication coverage through insurance!

    I was on Clomid for 4 months... 50 mgs and 100 mgs. I didn't experience much with regards to side effects (my doctor warned me of mood swings, headaches, etc), but the only thing I noticed is that it pushed my ovulation date out further in the month. I am used to ovulating CD14-17, and with Clomid, I was ovulating on CD20-21. Apparently, that's another potential side effect. Overall, Clomid did its job every month I took it - I ovulated.

    Best of luck this month - keeping my fingers crossed that you won't even need to start it!

  2. They don't call it Clomid Crazies for nothing! :) My body didn't respond in the second round, so I had 100mg for five days, 150 mg for five days, and then 200 mg for five days (then started with inject-ables), so I was on it for 15 solid days. The previous month (of 100mg for 5 days, perfect folly) was fine!Good luck!

  3. I just had my first IUI cycle, with clomid 100 mg, trigger, and progesterone support. I was a little worried about the clomid side effects, but really didn't experience anything out of the ordinary. My body responded really well and I had 3 big follies and 2 that were on the verge at my cd 10 ultrasound. The dr even suggested that we consider canceling the cycle because there was a slight possibility of 5 eggs!

    The trigger was no big deal, but the progesterone is definitely messing with my head a little. Nothing significant, but little things that get me thinking that something might be going on. It is unfortunate that all of the potential progesterone side effects are the same as early pregnancy symptoms.

    I am 9 dpo/iui now and will be going in for my beta on friday.

    Ohhh- Have you tried the circle+ bloom meditations? I am SO SO SO glad that I got and used those audios for this cycle. They have a money back guarantee, and it is so totally worth the money!

    Good luck!