Monday, January 10, 2011

Free day!

What a fun and productive free day I've had today! AND I get another one tomorrow! Yay for snow days! I spent most of the day today working on my medical transcription class, and I feel like I made lots of progress. Then I finally got a postive OPK! Woo hoo! I was afraid that I had missed my surge, but I guess it was just a little later than I thought it would be.

So.....I was here at lunch when DH came home and managed to get a little baby dancing done! :-)

When we found out that we would be out today, they told us we would have to make it up on MLK day. I was really kind of cranky about that because DH is off that day and I was looking forward to having a day with him. I've now decided that I will not be cranky about working MLK day. I will go to work with a smile on my face because if I had to work today and not next week, I wouldn't have gotten the extra baby dance in at lunch seeing as how I can't leave for lunch when I'm working. I will work every single MLK til I die if being off today means that I can get my take home baby. What a story to tell the little one if I could say he was conceived during the snow/ice of 2011!!!!

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  1. lol we are obviously two different kinds, because I have no desire to every know any details about my conception, I know it happened and that is good enough for me... working around preg wheels I have already made the mistake of looking my b-day up... I wish I hadn't. I don't know why... but something about it just gives me the heebies.