Saturday, January 1, 2011

wait....and expect good things

First of all, I totally stole that phrase from Randi's blog. Thanks Randi!

I think that I'll make this "my phrase" for the year. I don't really make resolutions because I don't believe they last. But I do think that I need to work on changing the way I view things.

Wait. What an incredibly hard thing to do. I have become a person who wants everything right now. Having to wait on anything is annoying. I hate wait for my page to load. I hate waiting in the doctor's office for my appointment time. What's the point of making an appointment when you still don't get seen until an hour after the appointed time. I hate waiting for the work day to end. I hate waiting for supper to be done. I hate waiting to save up enough money for my pool. I hate waiting. I get annoyed when having to wait. Which makes me not very nice sometimes. So maybe I need to just chill out and relax a little while I wait. Maybe I need to focus more on the things that I already have instead of waiting for something that I perceive to be better.

and expect good things This is another hard thing for me. If you expect bad things and you get good things instead, then you aren't disappointed. Your feelings aren't hurt. You don't get angry. You don't get sad. You aren't devestated. But it sure does make you have a negative outlook on life. And no one likes Negative Nancy. So I"m going to expect good thing instead. I'm going to quit sitting around waiting on the Clomid Crazies to hit. I'm going to be excited that I have had NO side effects so far and expect that those follicles are growing and just itching to get out of my ovaries and get fertilized. I'm going to expect that this time next year I will have a healthy happy new baby. It's possible! It can happen.

I will wait...and expect good things.


  1. Thanks for the shout out!! Glad to see that those meditations are worth posting. Someone just said to me the other day that G-d's wristwatch is different than mine... good things are definitely coming, I just need to be patient. Here's to hoping we've been patient enough and the good things we want will materialize in 2011. Happy New Year :)

  2. Hi, I came across your blog via FF, and thought I would say hello. Wow, this post... you basically read my mind. But this will be easier said than done!