Friday, January 21, 2011

Is this fever blister a sign?

After lunch today, I noticed a little fever blister popping up on my nose. It hurts like the devil. Every time I accidently brush it with my hand, it like needles poking my nostril. But I'm very excited to see this fever blister! The last time I had a fever blister was in October, right before I found out I was pregnant. Could this be a good sign for this cycle?


  1. You're getting close to test day! What day are you planning?

    I've never had a fever blister (or maybe I have and just didn't know what it was), so not sure what it means. Are you feeling sick this week?

    Happy ICLW - thinking of you and hoping this is it!

  2. fever blisters suck! I get them four times a year minimum, so I keep abreeva on hand at all times! And when people come in with fever blisters I treat them like they have the plague because they will jump off other people's faces onto mine, I swear it! So you stay away from me!!! I do not want one!!! And if anyone tries to tell you to put tea tree oil on it, don't listen they are trying to kill you, my mother in law tried that on me once, I had to go to the dr, because my throat was closing up on me and my face swelled up like three times the size.

  3. I have been trying to find a fever blister treatment, that is effective because everything I have tried has not been working so far