Saturday, January 8, 2011

Let it snow!

Spent most of today getting ready for the "big storm" that's coming (supposedly) tomorrow! Went to the grocery store this morning and got plenty of supplies. And some Eagle brand milk so I can make snow ice cream. Had DH bring up lots of wood and stack it all nice and neat by the door. Washed all our warm comfy clothes. Put flannel sheets on the bed. Stocked up on dog food. Got plenty of candles, magazine, books, and flashlights. Just in case. You never know. Got the camera ready to take some pretty pics.

Still no positive OPK today. Maybe tomorrow. Guess we'll do a little baby dance just to make sure! :-)


  1. I had to leave Magnolia early for fear of being snowed in. I'm fine with you guys being snowed it, but after driving like a mad woman to insure I am available for work Monday, we better be open!

  2. Snowstorms can be cozy :) Enjoy snuggling up!

    .... and baby dancing!