Monday, January 24, 2011

I'm out

So I waited very patiently until today to test. And I expected good things. Instead I got a visit from Aunt Flow. Gee thanks. At least she was right on time and didn't keep me waiting. And she hasn't really even caused me the usual painful cramps. Or maybe I was just too busy dealing with the crazy things that work was throwing at me that I didn't notice the cramps.

So. CD1. Again.

Clomid Round 2 here I come. I had *real* coffee today instead of decaf. I went to the gym and ran my miles without concern for my heart rate. I took a nice long hot bath when I got home from the gym. So hot that my skin turned red.

Now my legs are mad at me. I guess about the running. Cause they sure are hurting! I was kinda taking it wasy with the working out last week in case I was pregnant. No excuse for taking it easy this week.

It really would have been nice to have an October baby. Matthew and I met and started dating in October. He proposed to me October 15th. I've always wanted an October wedding, but I didn't want to wait a year to get married, so that idea got scrapped in favor of the whole St. Lucia things (good choice!). So it would be fitting that we had a precious addition to our family in October. Not to mention October is the begining of basketball season and any child born after Oct and before March will pretty much be fatherless until the season is over. Which means, I would pretty much be a single parent to a newborn for the first 5 months of it's life. Not the optimal situation, but definitely acceptable. I will accept a baby at any time God is willing to give it!


  1. Ugh. Oh well at least Aunt Flo didn't leave you hanging (I've had that the odd month, no A.F so I POAS and its negative, and she finally turns up a week late, meanwhile I'm thinking - dud PG test kit or similar hopeful things ... hahaha). Isn't it interesting when we begin this journey that we 'pick' the month we would like to have our babies born in, and end up in the 'any month would be awesome' category! Hang in there!

  2. Ugh... I'm so sorry. But, at least AF showed up on time. Are you going to take Clomid again next month? Or anything you are going to plan differently?

    Don't worry... that BFP is right around the corner! Thinking good thoughts for you...