Saturday, February 12, 2011

Clomid is not my friend.

After feeling so absolutely rotten for several days, I have finally ovulated.  Ah, Clomid you are not my friend, but I will keep you around as long as I need too.  I don't appreciate you making me gain 6 pounds overnight.  I already stuggle with my weight and I do not need any help packing on pounds.  Cupcakes are a much more pleasant way to gain weight.  I also don't appreciate you making my insides so swollen and sore.  For two whole days I could not bend over, sit down, or lay on my stomach without great discomfort!  Not to mention the fact that on the "green days" I really need to be spending some quality time with my sweet hubby.  You make me so swollen and sore and miserable that I don't even want him to touch me!  And I'm pretty sure you were to blame for that very emotional and angry outburst around midnight the other night.  Well, truth be told, dear hubby might have played a small part in that also.  Did you also cause the horrendous headache and extreme sleepiness?  I understand that my body obviously needs a kick start since it is unable to do what it is supposed to without you, and maybe it is just as stubborn as the rest of me, but if you and I are forced to spend more time together next cycle, could you please not kick as hard?  Please don't be offended if I tell you that I hope I am through with you for good! 

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  1. ugh, they don't call it the 'clomid crazies' for nothing, but I totally understand!!! One cycle I was on Clomid for 15 days, it was murder, they did 5 days at 100mg (no result), followed by another 5 at 150mg, and then another 5 at 200mg... and then we converted it to an injectable cycle. My husband was ready to jump off a bridge! Hope it get's better soon!