Thursday, February 17, 2011

Feeling just as normal as can be.

Today I am 8dpo.  Had my prog blood draw yesterday, and I have to brag on the lady at the lab.  She and I are getting to be good friends.  She asked if I was coming in for a beta, and I told her no, just progesterone.  She said, "Aw.  I really wanted to be checking to see if you were pregnant."  Ha!  Me too!  Maybe next week.  How sad that even the people in the lab are pulling for you.  How sad that I've been there enough that they know the in's and out's of my reproductive life.  Anyway, she got all my blood and I never even felt her poke me!!!  That is the first time ever in my life that I had blood taken that I didn't feel the needle.  Did I tell you how awesome she is????

Hopefully I can find out the results sometime tomorrow.  They don't do that test in house, so they have to send it off.  I don't feel any different than usual though.  Not one single little symptom.  Not a twinge, not a prick, not a cramp.  Not even a sore boob.  Although, all the other cycles that I've felt "something" turned out to be nothing, so maybe nothing will turn out to be something!

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  1. Keeping my Fx'd for you and that nothing s something in the near future :)

    Great news that you have a wonderful lab tech, really they can make or break a checkup, and change the whole scene mentally. Sometimes I think they do nto get the recognition they deserve, and I am glad to see it!