Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Nothing new.

My temp was still considerably high this morning, so I tested, but BFN.  Not even a little shadow of a line.  So I used another IC.  Still nothing.  So I stopped at Walmart on the way to work to buy a FRER just in case I got a bad batch of ICs.  But the FRER was stark white too. 

I thought that I might have had a tiny bit of spotting earlier in the day, but absolutely nothing since.  No cramps.  No other signs of AF.  My LP has never gone past 14 days except for the month I got a BFP.  Maybe the Clomid is extending my LP?  I'm sure tomorrow my temp will plummet and AF will arrive.

I looked up Fertility Clinics in my area today.  My doc told me we'd only do 3 rounds of Clomid and then she would refer me to a specialist.  And I guess I'll go ahead with round 3, but I want to go ahead and get the other ball rolling in case there is a wait time to get an appointment.  I'd hate to finish round 3 with no results and then have to wait another 6 months just to get an appointment with an RE.  I emailed a clinic in Little Rock that doesn't require a doctor referral, and I plan to call a clinic in Shreveport tomorrow.  I'm not sure if the one in Shreveport is in my network, but I've heard good things about the doc there.  I'm interested to see if I get an email back from LR. 

Until then I guess I'll just hang out and wait on AF. 


  1. Oh my dear friend... I am so sorry. But don't lose hope... it might still be positive. It ain't over till AF arrives :)

    And - I can not recommend an RE enough. They are truly experts in reproduction, and it's their job to get you pregnant... however that may happen. In my case, I could have taken Clomid for the rest of my life and never became pregnant... without surgery to clear my tube, I would have still ovulated, but the egg would have never came down the tube. SO... hopefully they can recommend an HSG or something so that they can see inside to let you know if everything is good. It could just be taking its time, but it's good to know one way or the other. Rounds and rounds of Clomid wasn't any fun for me, especially when I later found out that it never would have helped conceive a baby.

    Keep us in the loop!! Many hugs... :)

  2. Clomid extended my LP too. I was around 10 days, and even after I stopped taking the clomid, my cycles stayed with a long LP, which is good, I guess.

    Hope it all works out for you and you get a BFP soon!!
    ~ A