Sunday, February 13, 2011

My weekend has disappeared again!

Tomorrow is Monday.  Again.  I have to go back to work.  Again.  And then starts the busy week.  Again.  I love my weekends. 

I guess I'll be calling the nurse tomorrow to schedule my 7DPO bloodwork to see what Clomid has done to me this cycle.  I honestly don't feel any different after ovulation.  Except the fact the pain and swelling and heaviness is gone.  Thank goodness.  But no pregnancy symptoms.  I know it's still incredibly early, but usually by now my brain is going crazy coming up with all sorts of stuff that could be considered a symptom.  I'm holding out to test until the 24th.  That's a littel over a week, but there's been so much going on in my life that maybe I can stay busy and not think about it.

On a happier note, I had such a great day with DH today.  Afternoon Sunday school we went to Texarkana to celebrate our 1 year anniversary!  We had a most awesome lunch at Olive Garden.  I could eat those breaksticks all day long.  Then we went shopping and I got a new pair of running shoes, some every day New Balance shoes, two pairs of capri pants, a new shirt, a bag full of Bath & Body Works, and a new box of K-cups for my Keurig!  And then we went to see The Green Hornet 3D.  Very entertaining movie, and I just love the 3D.  And since I was hungry on the way home, we stopped at Taco Tico to get some something to go. 

Taco Tico holds many fond memories for me.  When they were still in town, every Sunday they had tacos 3 for $1.  I can remember many a Sunday sitting in church and my sis and I writing notes and passing them to my mother asking if we could please stop and get a 6 pack of tacos on the way home from church!  And most times we did!!!  Oh, and let's not forget the time that I walked to Taco Tico from the junior high for lunch, wrapped my retainer in a napkin, and threw it away.  My mom and I spend quite awhile digging around in Taco Tico trash until we found it!  LoL.  Taco Tico, I miss you!


  1. Hi there - I had to read a couple of posts from last week to get caught up... you've been busy!

    Any word on the 7dpo blood test to see if you ovulated? Although it sounds like Clomid took a toll on you this month, hopefully it did its job!

    Thinking of you and hoping to hear of a BFP!

  2. Oh, and THANK YOU for the blog award!!