Thursday, December 30, 2010

Clomid Day 1

Well, today is the day! After my shower this morning, I sat down to completely read the info sheet that came with my 5 precious Clomid pills. Yes, I read the info sheet. You should always read the instructions before you begin anything. After reading all the crazy side effects I swallowed down pill #1. I did not immediately turn into a Clomid Crazy. I did not immediately begin having hot flashes. I have not yet had any strange urges to vomit. Nor have I had any swelling or shortness of breath. So I'm good, right? Actually, I was kind of let down after taking my pill. I'm not sure what I expected. Maybe to feel the egg growing in my ovary...some sort of sign that the medicine is working. But nothing. However, I have heard/read that Clomid takes awhile to build up in your system and that some effects can take place after you have finished your 5 day round. Maybe I'm just saving up and will be the worse Clomid Crazy ever. Unfortunately, I will be back at work and my co-workers will have to deal with me. Oh well, too bad for them!


  1. Hi, I am a new follower of your blog and just wanted to offer up some reassurance - I have been on Clomid for a long time (since Feb.2010) and have not once had any side effects from the meds. The first time I had an HCG trigger shot, I had no side effects - but, my mid cycle scans show mature follicles. Good luck, hope this works for you!

  2. I used to get the Clomid crazies, but not so much this time. It does, however, give me many false preggo symptoms which drive me nuts. I hope we both get our BFP's this time!!

  3. I never felt anything on Clomid, so hopefully you don't have any side effects! With 50 mgs, your body really shouldn't notice much of a change in hormones... I only noticed side effects on 200 mgs. The only thing it did do each time I took it (5 months) is push out my ovulation date... I was used to ovulating on CD14-16, and Clomid made me O closer to CD 19-22. Good luck!