Monday, December 13, 2010

The chaos that is my life....

I managed to make it through work today without punching anyone in the face or giving voice to any of my bitter thoughts. I consider that a successful day. Only 3more to go.

Accomplished an amazing feat yesterday: I had my friend come over to attempt a picture for our Christmas card. We have 5 precious dogs, and I wanted a "family" pic with all our "kids." What a crazy chaotic 20 minutes. But bless my friend's soul (thank you Mandy) we got a pic that is really good...considering the situation.

As far as TTC, still no sign of O. Temps are back down to AF level and I had some cramps yesterday, but still no sign of AF. If this were a "normal" cycle, Saturday should be AF arrival day. I am looking forward to Saturday and hoping that she gets here on time!


  1. LOVE that a good day is not punching anyone in the face. I spent the day trying not to scream. It's so nice to have dogs to come home to and hug!!

  2. They call it herding cats for a reason, though it looks like the cat was the easy part for you :) Sending thoughts and prayers your way. Hoping AF shows up soon.

  3. fyi you are insane for having 5 animals!
    glad no physical violence 2 points for you