Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Where, oh where, are you Aunt Flow?

Still no AF here. Grrr. This past Saturday would've been AF time if this had been a "normal" cycle. FF gives me two different possible O dates. If I go by the first one, AF should be here today and I am now 14DPO. If I go by the second one, AF should come next Tues and I am only 8DPO. Either way, I'm itching to POAS, but I have nothing here to pee on! LoL! Well, I have digis, but I'm not ready for those yet. Those are for special occasions. You know, like pink lines on other tests.

I am trying to fight the urge to run to $tree. Wonder how long I can resist?


  1. I guess the question is, if you're really 8dpo and you poas and get a negative, are you going to be ok with that? do you have a beta scheduled?

  2. No betas scheduled. I'm just trying to wait this one out since everything is so up in the air. I think I'll be okay with a negative...was't really expecting much from this cycle anyway!