Sunday, December 12, 2010


Wisdom. What was the wisest decision you made this year, and how did it play out?
Since my life these days is all about trying to conceive, I seem to relate everything to this. The wisest decision I made this year was to stop taking my birth control pills. DH and I discussed this many times before we got married in February. He thought we should wait at least 6 months before even beginning trying. He wasn't sure we were ready. (Translated to mean that he wasn't sure HE was ready.) I, however, believed that we needed to begin trying right away. For some reason, I had an idea that it wouldn't be as easy for us as it seems to be for everyone else. Unfortunately, I was right. He was so sure about it when we did decide to quit taking the Pill, but he knew I had my heart set on it.

Since beginning TTC this pasy May, we've learned a lot about ourselves and our relationship. I believe he's learned that he really does want a baby much more than he initially thought. I've learned a lot about my body during the charting process. We've learned that we are blessed to have each other and that our love for each other makes dealing with this big bad ugly world a whole lot easier.

I can't yet say how this decision has played out for us. Obviously we haven't acheived our goal yet, but we'll continue to work on in and hopefully 2011 will bring us the sweet baby that we so desperately want in our lives.


  1. Isn't it amazing how infertility makes us love our husband so much more. I know I found a new love for him, as he held my hand during ultrasounds, waited for the phone call with me, and kissed me after injections! Glad you have an amazing one too.

  2. Jenn, YES! I am so lucky to have a great husband who is supportive of me and this journey. I didn't think that I could love him any more than when we got married, but our relationships continues to grow and get better every day.