Sunday, December 26, 2010

Never thought I'd say this...

But hello CD1. And welcome!

I had a great Christmas with my family. I always enjoy our time together, and it's fun to watch everyone open gifts. I bought my sweet hubby a Play Station 3 (he's been wanting it soo bad, but didn't want to spend the $$$) and I've gotten a kick out of watching him play. He's like a kid. He was mad at me for spending so much money on him instead of using it for something else. Whatever. He got me a camera AND an iPod touch so he spent just as much (if not more) than I did. It's not like we have kids to spend money on. We help my mom with Alec's "Santa" stuff, but still, why not spend it on each other while we have that luxury? Hopefully next year there will be someone else to buy for.

Which brings me back to CD1. My temp plummeted yesterday morning, so I just knew that sweet Aunt Flow was going to crash our Christmas celebration, but she was kind enough to wait until today. I've had horrendous cramps all day. Didn't go to church this morning just because I couldn't bear to put on real clothes. I haven't gotten out of my PJs all day. I did take a shower this morning and put on clean PJs, but PJs none the less.

That means I get to finally start my Clomid!!!!!! I'm so excited!!!! I've heard so many horror stories of side effects and so many people who say that Clomid did nothing for them, but I'm hoping that it's my friend. This will be my first ever cycle on Clomid, so doc is starting me out at 50mg on days 5-9. I've read that if you take it on 3-7 it gives you more eggs but if you do 5-9 it gives you better quality eggs. I certainly would not be opposed to fact, I've always wanted twins, but if I can get one good egg, one complete 9 months, and one healthy, perfect baby I will be more than happy.

So, while I'm disappointed that AF is here again, at least I know that I have a plan. I'm glad to be past that horrible 37 day miscarriage cycle. I hope that I never have to experience that again. Especially not over the holiday season.

Here's to new cycles, new years, and fresh starts.

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  1. Welcome, AF... Clomid, here you come! You'll be just fine... 50 mgs shouldn't give you a whole lot of symptoms. I always ovulated when I took Clomid - I hope the same for you! Keep your blog updated :) Thinking of you!