Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Guess they didn't get the memo

The doctor's office called today to remind me of my first OB appointment tomorrow. Gee thanks for reminding me. Cause I for sure wasn't even thinking about the fact that tomorrow would have been the first time I could see the little fella's heartbeat. The receptionist felt really bad when I explained to her why I wouldn't be coming. Seriously? Is the communication in the office not any better than that? Cause I was there less than a month ago with a miscarriage. I just sent the payment for the visit.

Anyway. Life goes on. Temp jumped back up again this morning. Come one AF. Please.

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  1. I had a situation like that after my D&C, we're a military family (and I had gone off base for ALL my treatment), and suddenly, 3 months later (about when my 3rd trimester should have started), I got the "Almost a new mommy, here's what we offer on base" packet. I flipped, because I felt they broke privacy laws by letting an organization know I was pregnant, and that those people never checked to see if I had a viable pregnancy. I wrote a nice letter, and actually met with the commander who explained that they have now changed procedure... boy it frosted my cookie!